Aware Birth Classes LLC.  


Clearfield, UT 84015

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About Us

Meet Our Staff

Andrew & Yolanda
Parents of three children
ages 6, 4, & 1

Our Story

Hi! I am Yolanda Fredrickson. My husband Andrew Fredrickson and I began our search for search for information on natural childbirth while expecting our first child. As a new mom, I was nervous and unsure about giving birth, but I felt so much more empowered as we learned about the facts of birth and ways that we could keep me and the baby healthy.


Together Andrew and I learned skills that helped us work together through our pregnancies, labors, and births of our children. 


How did we learn this stuff?


Well, first we searched for a medical team that supported our birth goals, had a medical philosophy that I could respect, and an environment where I felt safe. We also took classes in The Bradley® Method of Natural Childbirth. The information we learned in these classes demystified birth and helped us prepare for our natural unmedicated birth experiences because that is the kind of birth that I wanted to give my child.


We loved our journey in preparation for birth so much that we want to share what we have learned about pregnancy, birth, and new parenting with you.



We will be teaching classes in Weber & Davis County, Utah.



Our Goal

...To Empower Natural Birth & Informed Birth Choices

We hope to provide birth information to as many parents as we can! So, YOU, as parents, can be AWARE of your prenatal and birthing options and be more prepared to birth in the way that is best for your family.